Breast Lift in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey

dr-vitolo-breast-surgeryDr. Robert Vitolo performs breast lifts for the residents of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

What is a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure that reshapes and lifts breasts. It removes excess skin and repositions the breast tissue at a higher position. This gives the breasts a firm appearance and provides a major rejuvenation to the figure. Many people who have breast lifts will combine the procedure with a reduction or enlargement to give them the breast shape they have always desired.

What occurs during the procedure?

The procedure is customized to meet the needs of each patient, so it is impossible to detail the procedure exactly. In most cases, the patient will be under general anesthesia due to the incisions that are made. The size of the incision will vary, depending on how much skin must be removed and the size of the breasts.

Who would be a good candidate for this procedure?

Those women who are in otherwise good physical condition, but are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, would be good candidates. This can help reduce a saggy or pendulous breast appearance, and may also be a solution for those who have nipples that are too low or point downward.

What is expected after the procedure?

A majority of patients can return to work and light activity within a few days after surgery. Activities that are more vigorous may need to wait a little longer. Dr. Vitolo can better explain the recovery period during your patient consultation.

Dr. Robert Vitolo and his team offer experienced and skilled breast lifts to residents and visitors in the areas in and around  New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

By focusing on the needs of each client, Dr. Vitolo provides personalized care using the latest technology to improve the experience and leave every patient feeling confident and satisfied. For more information, or to schedule a patient consultation, call 800.332.1067 to speak with our friendly expert staff.