Breast Reduction in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey

dr-vitolo-breast-surgeryDr. Robert Vitolo performs breast reduction for the residents of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

What is a breast reduction procedure?

Breast reduction is a procedure developed to help women reduce the size of their uncomfortably large breasts, so that they can feel good about themselves and eliminate back pain.

What occurs during the procedure?

This two to four hour surgery occurs under general anesthesia. Dr. Vitolo removes excess fat and glandular tissue, as well as trimming skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in proportion to the rest of the body. The size of the incision varies on a case-by-case basis.


Who would be a good candidate for this procedure?

Those women who are otherwise healthy but are unhappy because their breasts are causing discomfort, back pain or negative self-confidence are often excellent candidates for a breast reduction procedure. An expert consultation can help you decide if this procedure will help you. Breast reductions are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers and those who may breastfeed in the future.

What is expected after the procedure?

A patient consultation with Dr. Vitolo can help the patient better understand the expected recovery period. While most patients can go back to work within a few days after surgery, it may be several weeks before more vigorous activity can be resumed. Dr. Vitolo takes all precautions to help reduce scarring and leave the incision in an area where it is less visible.

Dr. Robert Vitolo and his team offer experienced and skilled breast reductions to residents and visitors in the areas in and around  New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

By focusing on the needs of each client, Dr. Vitolo provides personalized care using the latest technology to improve the experience and leave every patient feeling confident and satisfied. For more information, or to schedule a patient consultation, call 800.332.1067 to speak with our friendly expert staff.