Rhinoplasty in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey

rhinoplasty-dr-vitoloDr. Robert Vitolo performs rhinoplasty for the residents of  New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, popularly known as a “nose job,” is a procedure that involves altering the nose. It can involve removing a hump, changing the angle, reducing the nostril width, altering the tip of the nose and increasing or decreasing the size of the bridge of the nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the most dramatic forms of facial surgery.

What occurs during the procedure?

Each type of rhinoplasty has different techniques involved. Dr. Vitolo will discuss your desires and show you how the procedure will work for you. In many cases, the rhinoplasty may only require local anesthesia, though more intensive surgeries may require general anesthesia to allow the breathing to be better regulated.


Who would be a good candidate for this procedure?

Anyone who is in good health, but is unhappy with the appearance of the nose, may be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty. Dr. Vitolo will be happy to talk with you during a consultation session to help you determine if rhinoplasty is right for you.

What is expected after the procedure?

In many cases, the patient can resume light work and normal day to day activities with a day or two. However, there may be some more intense activities that require some healing time before they may be resumed. Dr. Vitolo is an expert at reducing scarring and other negative aftereffects of the surgery.

Dr. Robert Vitolo and his team offer experienced and skilled rhinoplasty to residents and visitors in the areas in and around New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey.

By focusing on the needs of each client, Dr. Vitolo provides personalized care using the latest technology to improve the experience and leave every patient feeling confident and satisfied. For more information, or to schedule a patient consultation, call 800.332.1067 to speak with our friendly expert staff.